“Maggiri” the homemade traditional pasta workshop, faithful to tradition, was created to offer you pure and high-quality past, without preservatives and colouring impurities, kneaded with brandfresh eggs , goat’s and sheep’s milk from local producers

“maggiri: was the name of  an old Cretan pasta which was cooked in a very specific way. Half of it was boiledm the other half fried and then altogether stirred in the broth of the first half. It was served like thivk soup with lots of cheese on top.

Our goal is for products with high nutritional value and for this reason, our pasta dry out many hours at low temperatue and thus their nutrients cannot be altered

An attempt to pass down to new generational the traditional pasta of our land and to awaken tasteful memories to the olders.

Alongside the traditional flavor such as noodles,wholewheat noodles, swivels, orzo, chylopitaki, frumenty, fusilli pasta,  wholewheat penes and xinochodros, we evolved into more specialized tastes such as noodles with the ink of the cuttlefish, noodles with locust beans flour, fusilli pasta with turmeric, fusilli with basil and garlic, fusilli with dikkoko wheat,  fusilli with basil and garlic, fusilli with vegetables,fusilli with ricotta,vegetables orzo, whoelewheat orzo and traditional swivels with cretan herbal extract.

Products faithfuls to the quality and the tradition.
Akis Petretzikis